What can developers do to sell their App beyond the App Store?

Jul 11, 2024

The appeal of applications that are distributed quickly fades when developers realize the fact that stores like Google Play and Apple Store represent a substantial portion of the revenue.

This isn't a modest figure that's as high as 30. This is an enormous cost and has led to developers looking for other options. The good thing for those similar to you is that there's a way to promote your app without having to share the profits from the streaming media.

In this article we will examine a method by which developers could get around the fee of 30 percent paid to developers through Google Play and Apple Store.

Let's go for a swim.

The pros and cons of Using the mainstream distribution channels for app

Before we look at alternative methods to make apps available, we'll examine how mainstream applications work.

As we've already pointed out previously, Google Play and Apple Store have been responsible for almost three-quarters of the revenue of every app they sell through their stores. This isn't the sole issue with distribution on these platforms.

Most of the applications accessible on the market include distributors offering items. There's an array of apps that are distributed through two websites. The other question is how do distributors ensure their products stand out?

Aha! With advertising, of course.

As well as the fee of 30 dollars, advertisers are responsible for the exposure of their apps. A study of an instance highlighted the real expenses of advertising within applications. The business took a 10k budget, and then divided it into four different advertising networks:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Advertisements originate from the iAds network

The price per installation ranged from $1.43 and up to $5.36.

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In the event that we compare the costs of this service to the distribution fees that are commonplace, we can see that developers are seeking other options. The majority of the most downloaded applications, like Spotify and Netflix can be found on Play and The App Store. Instead of having the distributor manage the charges the apps have developed their own billing systems to handle their subscriptions.

Companies like Epic Games have taken matters to themselves and made the world-famous game Fortnite exclusively available to download on their website as well as on the Samsung Store. They've also earned an enviable 30% charge that major distributors are charging.

Other benefits of sellers selling outside the Google Play and Apple Store are

  • Alternative distributors are not required to make payments for listings on apps. Third party distributors can help in promoting your products better since you have a better possibility of being featured as the app of the day or as part of other promotional campaigns.
  • Alternatives have a higher chance of success over Google or Apple stores, if the app's owners use localized applications that specifically target particular countries.

But, there's a number of advantages in making apps available through Google Play and Apple Store. The stores are not only regarded by the users as secure download sites, but it's also easy to distribute applications through these channels.

Spotlight The Way an App Developer Can Earn money selling beyond the major App Stores

The moment Christian Tietze started selling his merchandise on the internet, he was searching for ways to make cash and also have greater control.

Tietze posted about his experiences in an entry in his blog on his site. Tietze encountered a variety of issues when selling products through Mac App Store, including: Mac App Store, including:

  • Cost of revenue 30% (excluding VAT)
  • You can't provide a demo
  • You can't provide upgrade pricing
  • It's difficult to become acquainted with your customers.

He began to look for ways to market outside Mac App Store. Mac App Store.

"Distributing through The App Store is simple as everyone can access your application and upgrade and download the application from one place," Tietze says.

"On the other aspect it is that you'll incur losses with each transaction. In addition, you'll be under the strict supervision of App Store rules in relation to Sandboxing You are not able to design special deals or in the event Apple eliminates your account the App Store, then your firm could be closed.

"This doesn't happen often However this could be the case. "

Tietze says his developer (and several other independent developers) has decided to release the apps they develop using their respective platforms. Tietze utilizes the platform to market his app while it provides tools to provide discounts and sales at a discount for a set price and an API for store owners that is specific to his needs.

" provides a trial of the storefront online and within the application whenever you make a purchase in the app. It is an excellent occasion to see if the payment method you use works and also whether the app's status changes from "locked" to "paid," he declares.

The Wrapping Up

Regarding the software and distribution options for developers, you can notice that things are changing.

At one time, the two major gamers on the field of app development, Google Play and Apple Store were the sole two players with the entire chips. If developers were looking to give their app the chance to make it big then they'd have one choice: to distribute apps to these platforms for a 30 percent charge.

App developers are taking back charge of their apps and the revenue streams.

If you choose to utilize the full-service partner to promote your app direct to your site, or even allow them to be available via different storefronts, you have different options available for you to market your product. If you're trying to connect with people in difficult-to-reach areas and also offer your app to employees within your company, or offer users an immediate download The possibilities are limitless.

Remember that Google Play and Apple Store have become a huge success as millions across the globe have been amazed by the services they offer. Due to the huge amount of applications that are downloaded from numerous distribution channels daily it is evident the ease with which users go about finding the most popular apps to download.

It will help you see how simple it is to convert your website into a shop with the help of Examples. With the help of these example, you'll be able to set up different dummy stores to explore the potential to build a store. The Store Builder API. These examples may also be linked to codepen-style documents or demos of the code source.

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