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Jul 5, 2024

We're excited to announce we've now partnered with Google Pay, providing you with a secure, seamless and easy payment option on your website or web shop for in-app purchases or users who fall within the 70% of global mobile customers in the Android ecosystem. With Google Pay, you can offer your customers a faster check-out experience, and make sure that their payment information is protected all while opening up opportunities for new revenue streams to increase the revenue potential.

 seamless checkout experience

Offering Google Pay with allows your clients to pay for purchases in just a few clicks using their already saved payment methods which results in a more seamless and quicker transaction.

  • Higher Conversion RatesSimplifying the process of making payments decreases abandonment of carts, which leads to more conversion rates.
  • Convenience:Customers can pay using Google Pay on any device that is desktop or mobile, which makes it easier for them to pay for their purchases no matter where they may be.

 Secured Enhancement

Security is essential when it comes to internet-based transactions. Google Pay offers advanced security options to guard the payment details of your customers.

  • Virtual Account Numbers: Google Pay uses virtual account numbers to make sure that the customers' personal account details will not be disclosed to merchants.
  • Next-Level Security Apart from Google's PCI Security measures customers have the additional layer of Google's PCI security measures that are added to transactions.

 Global Reach

Through Google Pay, you can open up your product offerings to an international audience, broaden your customer base, and increase transaction volumes.

  • Multi-Currency Support:Google Pay supports various currencies, including USD, GBP, EUR and many more. This makes it easier for global customers to make purchases.
  • Wide acceptance: Google Pay is accepted across various regions that include North America, Europe, Asia and many more.

Google Pay is activated in default, which makes it easy to implement with . If customers make a purchase, it will automatically appear with a pay option to provide an easy checkout experience. And, Google Pay is just one of the numerous methods of payment that are available to ensure that you can drive conversions with the most well-known global payment options.

 How Google Pay Works

Enabled by default on all retailers, Google Pay will be displayed to customers who have an eligible Android device when they check out. Once selected, Google's Google Pay widget appears, which allows customers to sign in right from their device for a quicker, safer transactions.

An example gif of someone checking out with  and using google pay to make a purchase.

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