Information: Japan Enacts Regulatory Law which targets Apple and Google Smartphone Marketplace Predominance

Jul 4, 2024

Japan has been the latest country to adopt regulations that aim at companies such as Apple Inc. as well as Google LLC from limiting third-party businesses that seek to sell and market apps for their own platforms on Google and Apple devices.

In the words of Kyodo News, "The law bans developers of the iOS and Android platforms of Apple's iOS and Google's Android smartphones operating systems apps stores as well as payment methods from preventing the sales of apps or services directly competing with native platforms' own." The aim is to keep platform providers out of "gatekeeping" as well as creating more rivalry between their apps as well as other apps on platforms.

The current Japan antimonopoly law is a slap on the wrist fines of 6 per cent on the revenue earned by anticompetitive methods. The new sanctions under the legislation are more precise. They apply to 20% on domestic revenues generated from services that violate the law's provisions and can increase to 30% if illegal methods continue to prevail.

The new law is scheduled to take effect in 2025 Its law, Kyodo News points out is like one of the European Union's most recent rules (presumably that's European Union's Digital Markets Act).

Kyodo News also reports that both Apple and Google released statements regarding their ongoing engagement to Japanese regulators.

An earlier article from Kyodo News regarding the regulation that was approved for the first time by Japan's Cabinet stated that it had approved the regulation as "a step to contest the duopoly imposed by industry bigwigs Apple Inc. and Google LLC," and stated that the rule demonstrates the Japanese government's determination to work in conjunction with the EU on enacting laws "of Big Tech firms such as Apple, Google and Inc. that are now able to exercise an enormous influence over the online world around the globe."

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