Info: Japan Enacts Regulatory Law that aims at Apple and Google dominant market share in the world of smartphones

Jul 4, 2024

Japan is the latest country to have enacted legislation that targets businesses like Apple Inc. along with Google LLC in limiting third-party firms that are seeking to promote and sell their own apps to Google and Apple devices.

As per Kyodo News, "The law prohibits the creators of iOS and Android platforms of Apple's iOS as well as Google's Android smartphones operating systems, app stores as well as payment providers from having to restrict the sale of apps and services that directly compete with those of the platform that was originally created." It will also stop the apps "gatekeeping" as well as requiring to make more competitive their apps as well as those from other platforms.

Current Japan antimonopoly laws impose penalties of six percent for profits earned by anticompetitive practice The penalties for this law are more exact. The penalties are 20 percent of profits from products that violate of the law. It will rise by 30% when illegal activities persist.

The law is expected to be in force by 2025. Kyodo News points out is quite similar to earlier EU rules (presumably that of it's the EU's Digital Markets Act).

Kyodo News also reports that both Apple and Google have made statements about their continued collaboration in partnership with Japanese regulators.

The previous story in Kyodo News regarding the regulation that was first approved by Japan's Cabinet said that the Cabinet's vote was a vote to approve the law to be "a strategy to combat the duopoly between industry bigwigs Apple Inc. and Google LLC." Google LLC is referred to as Google LLC," and said that the latest regulation is a sign of the Japanese government's intention to work with the EU through the enactment of further regulations "of Big Tech firms such like Apple, Google and Inc., which have ascended to immense influence over the online world. the world."

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