Develop a Group Coaching program in just 3 easy steps

Jul 5, 2024

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If you're an online instructor trying to boost your earnings one of the most effective things you could do is make a group-based coaching program through your own website.

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As the name suggests, group coaching is an environment in which you teach the same thing to many people. What benefits can it bring for you?

A few of them:

  • Gain a lot of money by coaching multiple people simultaneously.
  • Form a community that is supportive where clients learn from each others.
  • Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks

You can't enjoy any of these benefits if you don't know how to build a group coaching program at all. However, since you're here, it's safe to affirm that you're on the correct path.

In this blog, we'll go over ways to easily create and manage a group coaching program on WordPress.

Let's first inform you a bit more about the group coaching programs can be!

What is the Group Coaching Programme?

It's beneficial for the clients since they're in an environment with like-minded persons. The members can provide each other with guidance and assistance, however there's also a space to compete and take on challenges.

You're a fitness instructor coaching one-on-one for a while. It's a full day, but you only have five clients.

What if you could categorize and instruct your customers in groups?

They can be grouped into the areas of weight loss, Muscle Gains, and Stay Fit. If you put them in groups it is possible to teach 5 to 10 students at the same time.

In the past, it was difficult with managing 5 clients every day. Through group coaching, you'll be able to now handle up to 50 or more clients at once!

In the end, you'll make more money at and also create an online community that share a common goal.

The benefits of Group Coaching Program

We bet you are somewhat familiar with how group coaching can be beneficial. However, if you think that making more money and reducing time don't make you want to join a group coaching program Let's look at some additional details in order to comprehend the benefits.

Better learning opportunities for all: If you manage an organization-wide coaching program, participants can also learn from each other's experiences. For those who may not feel motivated to keep learning can frequently be influenced by other people' successes, approaches as well as concepts.

Community that supports each other:When a number of individuals are studying together, they build bonds between them. As they become more familiar with each other, their support the other becomes automatic. Even if someone doesn't understand anything from the class, they can consult their fellow classmates for an answer.

Chance to make an impact that is greater:As an instructor groups of coaches are an ideal way to make a massive impact in your niche. Instead of repeating the same thing in every one-on-one meeting, you will be able to present your expertise to a larger crowd.

affordable for clients:As an online instructor you need to be mindful of your fees to ensure they don't become unaffordable for customers. However, when you are providing one-on-one coaching to clients is understandable that you cannot lower your fees as you only do just a couple of. However, you can make more money from group coaching, even though you are taking less money from each person.

Most Effective Platform to Run Your Group Coaching Programm

A website is the first step to running your group coaching program online. There are many ways to build a website, but WordPress is the one that stands out as the most effective Content Management System (CMS).

Nearly 45.8% of all websites on the Internet are made using WordPress. You might wonder what all the fuss is about.

It's true that, at least, it's an open-source software that can be used without cost.

In addition, WordPress offers thousands of free themes across all categories which makes it simple to choose the right style to your website. Then there are plugins.

WordPress plugins are invaluable devices that are designed to solve virtually any need or problem that you may encounter, easing your workflow.

Take a look at some WordPress's advantages, making it the ideal platform for managing your group coaching program.

  • A user-friendly interface easy to navigate even for novices, using a straightforward and easy dashboard.
  • Scalability: Accommodates the growth of your program without compromising the performance.
  • SEO-friendly: The built-in features and plugins are designed to increase your website's visibility through the search engines.
  • Community support Support for the community: Comprehensive support from the WordPress community via tutorials, forums, and documentation.
  • regular updates: frequent updates that improve security, functionality and performance.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Themes and plug-ins will ensure your site's appearance is great across all devices.
  • Cost-Effective: There are many free themes and extensions, and premium versions for more advanced capabilities.
  • Integration Capabilities: Easily integrates with different third-party tools and applications to enhance functionality.

We'll now discuss the single WordPress plugin to meet every need for setting up and running a group coaching program.

A One-Stop Solution to Your Group Coaching Needs

It's a brand that's super popular among the people running coaching courses on WordPress. The plugin comes with all the features you can ask for in order to run your coaching business with ease.

One of the numerous advantages of this amazing plugin is built-in add-ons and third-party integrations. These make this already featureful plugin better by enabling it to serve a huge audience.

CoachKit(tm) is one of the add-ons most beneficial for those wanting to develop the group coaching program. To name some of the characteristics:

  • Sell and create unlimited coaching programs right on WordPress.
  • Track Milestones on Maps to keep your students on track.
  • Install Habit Tracking to monitor and measure the growth.
  • Plan Goals that give your students a sense of achievement and progress.
  • Set Due Dates so that you know the time you need assignments to be completed clearly.
  • Allow clients to set up office hours in conjunction with coaches.
  • Private and group messages can be sent at students, to support them in their efforts to succeed.
  • Automated Check-ins help you stay in contact without being tied to your phone all throughout the day.
  • Design Cohorts that provide unique and intimate experiences that your children will cherish.
  • Design a Client Management System which streamlines your workflow.

How do you create a group Coaching Program using CoachKit(tm): Step-by-Step Process

Once you've figured out what the CoachKit(tm) extension can help streamline the group coaching process, it's time to implement it and experience the magic by you.

This step-by-step tutorial to guide you through how to establish your coaching group using WordPress with CoachKit(tm).

Step 1: Install and activate CoachKit(tm)

When you're done, log on to the dashboard, and then click Add-ons:

Next you can search on the next page for Coachkit TM Add-ons to activate it:

Then, you're ready to fully benefit from the opportunity to transform your membership site into a full-fledged coaching platform.

Step 2: Set Up Your Coaching Programm

After activating and setting up your CoachKit(tm) plugin You can begin developing your coaching programs.

To add a program to your site, go to the Dashboard> CoachKit(tm)> Programs and then select Add New:

Click the Publish button to publish the application.

Step 3: Sign up Clients by logging into the Membership

After you've set up your course, now is the time to demonstrate to your viewers the things you've got in store for them. How do you do that? By creating a membership community that welcomes them into.

Navigate to Dashboard > > Memberships, and then choose the membership which you wish to include your program(s).

Click on Edit to launch the editor for members. Then, in the Membership Options section choose the CoachKit tab. Then select the program you would like to associate to this membership.

Click on the second box and choose those features you wish to make available for your members of the membership list:

There you are! When a new member enrolls in this membership, they'll also get assigned to the program.

Clients are randomly assigned to one of the cohorts that are available within each program when someone enrolls in your membership. CoachKit(tm) is able to fill the cohorts of new clients starting with the cohort with the most available seats.

However, that's only the beginning. You can do a lot more with this add-on.

Scale Up Your Group Coaching program by recruiting multiple coaches

The development of an organization-based coaching program could be rapid and put the participant in a troublesome situation.

On one side increasing numbers of users are signing up, so your profits are exploding. However, you're having more and less time to pursue whatever you like.

You can neither enjoy the earnings you earn and also devote your the time you need to yourself. That's why recruiting multiple coaches can help.

Imagine you're a fitness trainer running group fitness coaching programs for a while.

The amount of people who use your services is increasing, but you can't keep up. Given the increasing popularity of your coaching you'll keep getting more users.

How would you like to recruit more coaches to teach via your platform?

If you have built up an impressive reputation, your clients will not hesitate to trust your instructors in your system. In turn, it is possible to hire coaches and multiply your user base in a matter of months.

Coachkit Coachkit it is possible to do exactly this without the headache that you're looking forward to!

This program lets you run a group coaching platform where coaches can sign up. It will give you complete control over assigning tutors/coaches to certain cohorts, groups, for instance.

Do not forget to market your Group Coaching Program

It's possible to find yourself in a situation that your product or service is great, but you're not getting the response you deserve.

The most important reason is the absence of effective marketing. Even if you build the most effective group coaching system, nobody is going to take part until they have heard about the program.

You'll have to focus on marketing your own business. Here are some ideas that you can explore:

  • Post engaging posts about your coaching program on social media.
  • Send newsletters and promotional emails to your mailing list.
  • Offer introductory sessions through online webinars that are free in order to attract new clients.
  • Remark on the successes of previous clients with reviews.
  • Give incentives to current clients to recommend to new clients.
  • Use relevant keywords to improve ranking on search engines.
  • Create blog posts that are related to group coaching for content marketing.
  • Improve your site's local searches, especially if you are offering individual sessions.
  • Be featured on credible websites and blogs to build backlinks.
  • Include your coaching programs in online directories.
  • Improve visibility through Google as well as social media advertising.
  • Make compelling landing pages featuring simple calls to action.

Develop a Group Coaching Program Now!

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Get today!

Get paid to create the content you produce.

Starting a group coaching program can help you make a lot more money and organize your time and give your clients an opportunity to meet other people who share similar goals are present.

As both WordPress and are feature-packed, you won't have any difficulty setting up or running your coaching group program.

Our hope is that our article helped to educate the reader on what to do. In addition to your effort You'll benefit from the assistance of its CoachKitTM add-ons to help increase your capacity. This will make it easy to register members, keep track of the members, and communicate with them.

Remember to reach out to us through the comments If you require assistance getting a grasp of something. If you're a fan of automation and making an impact Make sure you try the CoachKit(tm) extension.

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